Monday, January 24, 2011

What About Market : Whom Are We Challenging? :)

In the market, we have searched that there are various products and trainings that enables individuals to increase their mental condition and improve brain functions more efficiently. The followings are the most well-known companies : 

Mind Room : MindRoom is staffed by some of the sports psychologists in the world. Parallel with the researches conducted by the company, clinicians are constantly equipped with, trained on, and giving feedback on traditional sport psychological skills of energy management, attentional focus and stress management. The aim of the activities of the company are mainly cognitive development and stress management for the individuals; evaluation of objective risk factors of stress-related work for companies and athlete's control over mind and body for the sportmans.
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BioGraph Infinity Software : BioGraph Infiniti Software is the core of all current and future Thought Technology Biofeedback and Psycho-physiology products. The software has been developed as a biofeedback and clinical tool. The program’s main abilities are to record accurate data, to track a client’s learning curve both within and across recording sessions and to generate reliable reports. This software is running with a hardware, which is called FlexComp Infinit and FlexComp Infiniti ideal data acquisition and physiological monitoring device. By having high-speed channels, the device can report the EEG monitoring and biofeedback information of the users. There is different kind of data acquisition hardware device that the company produced according to the sampling rates.
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Brain Master : BrainMaster Technologies aims effective EEG brainwave monitoring and analysis for everyone with the interest or need and provides information and resources on the development and use of small EEG brainwave machines for a variety of uses. Their project’s application areas include clinical and personal biofeedback, peak-performance, self-improvement, education, research, selfexploration, and brain-controlled systems, in addition to games, art, sports, recreation, brain calisthenics, mental conditioning and improvement, and virtual reality. As in the other projects, the EEG neurofeedback hardware is connected the user by a ear clips and the software analyzes the data coming through the channels of the hardware.
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The major limitations of Neurofeedback consist of the cost of treatment (typically, $3000 and up) and the fact that the treatment can only be administered in a clinic by a qualified practitioner. Furthermore, Neurofeedback focuses mainly on reinforcing sustained attention. Different cognitive skills, such as divided attention, visual-auditory processing, multitasking and speed of processing are not part of traditional Neurofeedback protocols. They are, however, incorporated in a new generation of cognitive related software.

New Generation Software

Lately a new generation of programs have been released to the market. The most notable innovation related to these programs is the fact that they are content free. What this means is that the program does not offer any stimulating activities to achieve the desired results. Instead, it offers a series of cognitive tasks that directly work on improving different types of attention. For instance, one such program that is gaining much popularity: Sharper Brain focuses on the following 3 levels:

1. Calm: Allows the mind to relax and get ready for different mental tasks. It is also a state important for contemplation and planning. In terms of brain activity, this is equivalent to Alpha state.
2. Focused: Allows paying attention to a specific task, while offsetting distractions. This is equivalent to Beta1 state.
3. Alert: Allows fast response when the need to react quickly is required. This is equivalent to Beta2 state.

Research indicates that the ability to produce, at will, these specific aspects of attention will result in improvement in a variety of cognitive abilities such as divided attention, multitasking, speed of processing, working memory, visual –auditory processing and coordination as well as higher executive skills such as decision making, organizing and prioritizing. One of the biggest advantages of such program is that it can be practiced at home or in the classroom after a very brief training. In addition, it does not require specialized equipment such as EEG, or any particular computer skills. The program is effective and inexpensive, making it affordable for everyone. It is expected that we will see a wider use of such programs in the near future, as they offer a drug free and a more permanent solution to most cases of attention and cognitive deficits.

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