Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Keys In Our Project

  • Focusing can be learned.
  • As focusing state duration is increased, the number of details that are noticed also increases.
  • To learn to notice the details more increases focusing state,concentration.
  • To be noticed, the first thing to do is to get attraction.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Is an illness to notice everything around but not to filter them. So the first rule to learn focusing is to improve our attention filtering systems. According to this knowledge we have decided that our game will have distracting components to trigger the need for filtering.

Broad and Narrow Focus
A baseball player is an example for attention changing from narrow to broad.
When wating for event occuring, human is proned to change his attention from broad to narrow.
To increase the time staying at narrow attention state increases the concentration.
So, a good game should arrange the frequency of expecting results for the user to increase the time duration staying in narrow attention state.

Game Examples:

Asymmetric dynamic games like bowling ( narrow - broad alteration)
MultiTask for filtering attention

For more brain training games :


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