Monday, January 24, 2011

The Relationship Between Brainwaves And Learning

Article By: Gregory Frost

It is highly difficult to find a person who has a passion for learning in all kinds of niches and is capable of learning all of them at same the time, irrespective of the situation, time of the day and status of mind- to some extent. Hence, learning is a complex process that involves both the mind and the condition of the body. In order to gain more attention, it is essential to know the dynamics of learning and find ways of enhancing the learning abilities.
Learning not only involves mere study of books or situations, it also comprises of retaining all the information in the memory. That brings us close to the fact that learning is very closely interrelated to the mind, and more specifically, the subconscious mind. This can be proven by the fact that the mind is learning all the time and is retaining the information all the time, some of which even we are not aware of. This kind of information is brought out to the surface successfully, through hypnosis.

Knowing how the brain works can help us to learn better. The brain has a great potential to remember even more things than a super computer. However only a fraction is being used by the humans. The vast potentiality of the brain goes unnoticed but by trapping them, it is possible to enhance the learning ability.
Brain waves are classified into alpha, beta, gamma and theta waves, depending on the frequency. That is, the frequency is based on the state of mind. For instance, when we wake up in the morning, the brain is fresh and calm and is experiencing the alpha range. The beta range is between 13 and 40 hertz, when the mind is busy thinking, cognitive and in active concentration. When a person is in sleep, theta or delta ranges exist.
When in alpha state, the mind is relaxed and learning something new, becomes interesting since the body is free from any distractions. The mind is very receptive and the memory retention rate is higher. In addition, when the alpha waves are persistent, there will be a lot of creativity in a person and this has been confirmed by extensive research and study. So, if it is feasible to set the mind to alpha wave frequency, the learning potential of a person becomes higher and will be able to solve problems more efficiently. It will also be possible to come up with creative ideas and solutions to any kind of problems or situations.

One of the most successful ways of achieving the alpha state of mind to learn better is to listen to soothing music in binaural beats. This is called brain wave entertainment and is found to be very successful. Those who are affected by ADHD and have problems concentrating on a specific thing at one time can highly benefit from brain wave entrainment, since it causes the fluctuating mind to settle down and think clearly and positively. Thus students and others can get the best advantage of brainwave entrainment in the most positive way, without any side effects.

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