Monday, January 24, 2011

Improving Factors On Brainwaves

1. Improve By Wave Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are sounds designed to alter the brains frequency the brain is operating at. Binaural beats could help induce relaxation, creativity and other desirable mental states.
  • Effects of Music on the Brain
Research  has  found  that  the  silence  between  two  musical notes  triggers  the  brain  cells  and  neurons,  which  are responsible  for  the  development  of  sharp  memory.  Flute music  ,  and  instruments  like  santoor  and  sarod  are recommended  for  the  enhancement  of concentration and memory. We  achieve  relaxed concentration  or  lucid  awareness when alpha waves, between 8 and 13 hertz, are present Music with about  60  heats  per  minute–particularly  that  of  Mozart, Brahms, and Bach–shifts  the brain’s activity  from beta  to  the higher­awareness alpha waves. It’s called the Mozart Effect.
  • Brain Wave Entrainment Software(Brain Sound Studio )

Brain Sound Studio (BSS) is a revolutionary new software application which embeds brainwave entrainment into almost any sound or music file of your choice! Brain Sound Studio (BSS) takes any sound of your choosing ­ such as an MP3 or WAV file ­ and uses the existing sound as the carrier wave for brainwave entrainment! BSS passes the sound through a series of complex scientific filters, subtly changing it to have 
dramatic effects on the brain.

2. Improve By Attention Training
  • “Brain Fitness in Older Adults” Researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center found that mental work­out programs(crossword puzzles,Sudoku..) can change brain activity, giving older adults a greater ability to block distractions and improve concentration. As people age, their brains change . One example, according to Paul Laurienti, M.D., Ph.D. and lead study researcher, is that older adults experience changes in how they perceive information the information their eyes and ears gather from the environment. This is called sensory integration a tendency to  ―combine information from different senses and older adults experience it  ―more readily than younger adults. Sensory integration can make it harder to block out distracting sights and sounds when you are trying to focus on a task.

  • Meditation : Electrical brain waves suggest  that  mental  activity during  meditation  is  wakeful  and  relaxed.  During meditation,  theta  waves  were  most  abundant  in  the frontal and middle parts of the brain. By reducing the speed  of  the  electrical  patterns  in  your brain,  you can  decrease  stress  and  even  boost  your  immune system. It allows  experience a deeper connection with your subconscious.

3. Improve By Non-Drug Natural Approach
  •  Brain uses approximately 20 percent of the oxygen in the body. Water improve mental alertness.
  •  Ginkgo biloba leaf
  •  Vitamin A (Beta­carotene and cartenoids) and others
  •  Herbal remedy (Focus Formula)

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