Monday, January 24, 2011

General Description Of Our Project

Human brain produces electrical activity while thinking, deciding and even walking. Today, we have enough technology to record these activities using Electroencephalography (EEG).Using Brain Computer Interface Devices (BCID), we can measure the magnitudes and frequencies of brainwaves in order to analyze the EGG data. Moreover, using these types of devices, we can develop some software that can create a new communication way between human and computers.

The key concept of this project is to help people to find out how to change their brainwaves on purpose, and therefore control their psychological mood by means of BCID technology. If someone’s brainwaves are monitored, then it is possible for that person to learn how to change these brainwaves and make these changes permanent. Therefore, our product can be used especially by businessmen and sportsmen in both determining and rehabilitation process of attention deficiency and performance disorders. Moreover, it can be helpful for psychologists while diagnosing and treating diseases such as depression, Alzheimer and panic attack. As a matter of fact this method is known as neuro-feedback.* The whole system consists of two main parts, namely software and hardware. The brainwaves are send to the computer by the BCID and processing of received data is handled by the software. The software may has a feedback game such that while the user interacts with the game, the brainwaves of the user can be received, monitored and saved. Watching his/her brain activities, the user can control his/her brainwavesor the software can even modify the game scenario according to received data to control the brain activities of the user. However some limitations can be faced while carrying out of this project. To illustrate; gathering data from people to detect the effects of various human feelings to brainwaves and the fact that every person’s response will be different in terms of threshold values of brainwaves.

Below you can see early sketch of our project:

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