Monday, January 24, 2011

Concentration Enhancing Software That was Made

  • Brain Train’s Mental PowerGym

Brain Train's Mental Power Gym is a set of 3 cognitive training computer programs for children and adults, who deal with ADD/ADHD. learning difficulties, age-related cognitive decline, mental fog, schizophrenia, stroke, brain injury, and after-effects of anesthesia and chemotherapy. For ages 5 to adult. 3 computer programs are included in the Mental Power Gym:
    • Captain's Log at Home 
    • SoundSmart 
    • SmartDriver 

Captain's Log contains 35 different brain training programs which train over 20 cognitive skills such as concentration & attention span, memory, reasoning, auditory skills, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, impulse control and processing speed - basic skills needed for learning and for success in life. Several levels of difficulty.

SoundSmart is a set of 11 entertaining, multi-level talking Bingo computer games for kindergarten through fourth grade capabilities. This program can be helpful for older age levels when there are cognitive difficulties. It's designed to improve listening skills, following directions, phonemic awareness, working memory, mental processing speed, and impulse control. Includes: Sound Discrimination Coach, Attention Coach and Math & Memory Coach.

SmartDriver is a stimulating and entertaining driving computer game designed for ages 5 through adult. To win the game, you must drive your car successfully through progressively more difficult roads and driving situations. SmartDriver trains visual attention, visual tracking, & self-control using 90 progressive levels of difficulty. 

  • Play Attention, the Revolutionary Training Software System to Help with Brain Training and Attention Learning!

Play Attention is a patented, dynamic integrated learning system built on NASA-proven technology that allows you to train your brain to gain focus, improve concentration, and pay attention. Play Attention games are all 3 dimensional or 3D. This enriches the games without making them over-stimulating. Time on-task features a forklift and a crane that you can drive by mind alone. Visual Tracking uses light sequencing similar to what athletes use to create faster reflexes. 

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