Monday, January 24, 2011

Choosing Our Graduation Project =)

After listening all the descriptions of the projects by the sponsored companies, we have decided that Minder's project was the most suitable one for us. Because during their presentations, first of all the topic impressed us. Moreover, before listening about the projects, we were sure that our project should include a game component somehow. Because we are really enthusiastic about developing video games :) So, after hearing that Minder was able to develop a software in which the user controls a virtual keyboard with a BCID (Epoc), we thought that we can control a game that we will develop by this technique too. As a result, after mailing with Uğur Acar from Minder Informatics Technology, we have decided that we should be a part of this completely fresh and interesting neurofeedback field and BCID technologies.

We have determined our topic as creating solutions for lack of concentration via video games. We have prepared our motivations and purposes as the followings:

From the beginning of 70’s with the inventions on computer fields and discoveries on brain behaviours, there have been obvious efforts by the scientists to combine these two field researches. It was exciting to monitor how brain works and to realize the relationship between brain and computer operations. With this inspiration some special devices have been developed from then on to extract the data from the brainwaves and to control computers or any remote electronic devices according to these data . The early experiments were implemented on some animals to see the success of these searches. Today we are capable of obtaining human brain waves precisely and we are at the level of creating new implementation areas with new software products. This project will give us a chance of practicing on this new area with new approaches. The followings are the main source of our motivations and purposes about this project.


- A new way of interaction between user and computer.
- Less need for physical controllers.
- More chance for physically incapable person to interact with current computer systems.
- Investigation of certain aspect of human psyche
- Monitoring human feelings for variety of purposes, such as:
-Monitoring children who suffer from lack of concentration(ease the treatments for Psychologists).
-Detecting the current feeling of drivers (angry, exited, upset).- Creating custom environments according to current mood of the user.


- Field research about brain waves and activities :
- Learning how these waves work and react to feelings or brain functions
- Exploring Brain Computer Interface Devices(data acquisition, signal enhancement, feature extraction)
- Analysis of the brainwave inputs:
- Getting brainwaves precisely.
- Determining convenient data structures for storing these waves
- Processing these waves according to needs.
- Development of applications including following properties:
- Real-time monitoring of the analyzed data via an interface.
- Analysing the alterations on the brainwaves by changing the mood of the user.
- Storing the results of these modifications and compare them in time and report.  

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